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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  August 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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> good morning. thank you for joining us on news channel 8 this saturday. time is 6:00. time to get a look at our weekend weather. >> a very fairfully seasonable. we are starting off mostly clear skies. looking beautiful down the hillsborough river. 77 degrees your temperature as you step outside the door with a light east and southeast windment that sun will warm us up quickly today. we'll jump all the way into the low 90s topping off at 93 degrees. we'll have fewer showers and thunderstorms to cool us down. starting off with a few fair weather clouds this morning. all the active weather is on
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historic flood event is on going down there this morning. our weather back here at home, we are calling for better chance of rain during the afternoon. first half of the day it stays quiet heading to the beach or taking the get to out it is looking good. we'll get isolated thunderstorms to develop during the afternoon. rain chances coming up in the first half of next week. a few showers and thunderstorms. a lot of heat to talk about. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. news. families are on the scene of a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. right now police have east 50th street shutdown at broadway avenue where the crash happened. mary mcguire is joining us there live. >> reporter: tampa police tell
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morning. we have video i want to show you as >> the driver is shook up. she was on her way she never could have saw the individual coming across the street in this area in this darkness. >> reporter: this area is closed off to all drivers. it is expected to be closed off until 7:30 this morning. we know the medical examiner is expect. ed to ex-- expected to be here to examine the pedestrian that was
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when the area reopen. >> thank you very much. this this morning work to fill a sinkhole next to a hudson hole is at a stand still. a permanent fix will resume in the coming days. it lead to cracks in nearby drive ways. the hole formed on sunday causing the pavement and the ground to fall into the ground. the county is thrilled that it wasn't any worse. >> with all the rain we had in afternoon thunderstorms, i'm appreciative of this family for getting this done as quickly as they are. >> another sinkhole hoped up in the same spot in 2009. the home has been sold twice since then. the woman accused in the death of her 123-day-old baby is out of jail. she can't back at home. authorities have kathleen steel in an undisclosed location for her safety. steel's 6-year-old son killed
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the store getting her phone fixed. neighbors tell us he often had problems with their children. >> unbelievable. i don't know how things like that can happen. how a 6-year-old can turn that that bad that quick. i don't know what was going through his mind. >> steel's attorney told us she is devastated by the definite of her child. the sheriff tells us she was tt paramedics worked to save save her baby. jacksonville sheriff's office says a young girl died that was 15 years old. three adults were injured. one has life-threatening injuries. police are searching for one suspects. a popular water hole is
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state inspectors. ferg's owner tells us employees worked hard to address the issues so they could reopen. >> maggots in the cooler. where did that came from? >> i don't know. there was probably food somewhere. it was closed up with nothing in there. when she opened it up she found something. >> inspectors have given an all-clear to open back. zica arrived in an bay area county. health officials in sarasota county identified a person infected with the virus. that person recently traveled to jamaica and recently developed symptoms. they do not believe zica made it in the local mosquito population in sarasota. health officials believe the only locally transmitted cases occurred in miami-dade county. surgeon general met with pregnant women in miami
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for zica. surgeon general is from miami. he said his has a pregnant wife so his fight is personal. >> when i think about the impact of zica on pregnant women it is personal to me, as well. we want to make sure we are doing everything possible to make sure women all across the country have the information they need to protect themselves against the zica virus. >> there have been a total of 28 non-travel-related cases of zica found sarasota county jail is starting a new program to treat inmates addicted to heroin. they'll get monthly injections to street opioid dependency. to receive the treatment they have to be sober for a week. >> what the jail environment
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degree. they'll be testing and administered the initial drug. >> sarasota county is one of the first agencies to offer this treatment in the jail. the funding is provided by the state. city of lakeland is tackling a controversial issue. what is the proper penalty for people caught with small ams amounts of marijuana. commissioners voted to move forward with more discussions before making a >> i think this is something that has to be a regional-wide decision. i don't think it makes any sense at all for us individually to do it. >> my general belief is it should be a simple ticket and on with it. at least for the first offense. after that then maybe have other rules. >> tampa recently passed an ordinance to criminalizing small amounts of marijuana.
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in your vote coverage hillary clinton is hammering donald trump to release his tax returns as new polls show her
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developments in the race for the white house. >> reporter: donald trump gave two thumb's up as he stepped on stage in pennsylvania. he told the crowd he used sarcasm when calling president obama and hillary clinton cofounders of isis. >> i said the founder of isis. obviously i'm being sarcastic. but not that sarcastic to be honest with you. >> reporter: trump is attempting to stop sliding clinton is gaining support in colorado, florida, north carolina and virginia. she leads trump as much as 14% in colorado. using tax returns clinton hopes to continue the pressure. >> he refuses to do what every other presidential canidate in decades has done and release his tax returns. >> reporter: clinton released her 2015 tax returns. filing jointly the clinton's made $10.6 million.
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taxes. return shows hillary clinton's gross income from speaking engage. m e nts was $1.4 million. this opens up the available to attack trump for not releasing his tax returns. clinton featured an online video of republicans and trump himself pushing for the returns. clinton's presidential canidate senator tim kaine released ten years of edward lawrence nbc news washington. back at home senator marco rubio will be in brandon today to open the republican party of florida victory office.
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it is a grass root effort to get out the vote to get staff and volunteers to support republican canidates. doors open at 9:00. event begins at 9:30. thousands of items once kept safe in someone's safety deposit bock are up for auction. we'll show you where to find a
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someone else's unclaimed valuables could be your treasure.
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office is holding an auction today. we are talking about valuable baseball cards and rare coins all left behind in safe deposit boxes.
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>> we have folks that see your coverage on television and are interested and want to take a look. maybe they'll find a good buy. which they can. we have professional buyers that travel around the country. >> reporter: david attended florida's auction for three years. he is looking for valuable lauderdale and plans to spend thousands to sell it all for a profit. >> it comes with the experience and it is fun. you can always meet cool people and get good deals and find interesting stuff you won't see anywhere else. >> bit of a treasure hunt on a saturday. auction begins at 10:00 a.m. and lasts until all the items are sold. doors at the tampa marriott west shore will open at 8:00 a.m. for registration. this auction comes on the
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shannon teamed up with state officials to reunite viewers with money they didn't know they had. it is money from insurance claims, life insurance or an overpayment from a cable company. we were able to help viewers find $1.3 million. if you have a problem shannon behnken wants to hear about it. here's the number on your screen. the weekend is here. we are expecting a beautiful start. clear skies over polk county. temperature wise very comfortable. 74 degrees if you are getting out the door early this morning. headlines for today, less rain. certainly compared to the last couple days. we'll have slightly drier air. that should help limit the rain chances today. with fewer showers and thunderstorms your temperatures have nowhere to go but up.
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later today. next week we get back to our typical pattern with a better coverage of showers and thunderstorms. today lower rain chances. a quiet start with sunshine. clouds building up by noon. we'll hit 88. it will be a quick warm up today. look at the high 93 degrees by 4:00 p.m. again on a few showers and thunderstorms to cool us down later today. 73 now for brooksville. 77 tampa. starting off with 77 for clearwater. 72, not too bad this morning bartow. here these the big picture. not too much happening over the southeast. across the deep south it is a mess over louisiana. if you remember that system early last week that brought us all the heavy rain, now it is causing historic flooding over louisiana. in the last 24-hours they are measuring the rainfall in feet. many areas have had around two feet of rain in the last day or day and a half here. more rain is expected. at home a few fair weather
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the reason we'll have lower rain chances and you look closely we have an upper level low feature with drier air associated with the it to help limit rain chances today. we'll stay with the easterly and southeasterly wind. that will drive the storms towards the coast. they'll meet up with the west coast sea breeze. with drier air, the coverage of rain will be lacking for today. more clouds, more showers and thunderstorms for your sunday afternoon. the moisture surges right back in the sunshine state. we'll start off dry on monday as everyone heads back to work and school. better rain chances i-75 and points towards the coast. that's where we'll have the rain chance up to 230%. the further inland you go your rain chance will be lower for today. 93 this afternoon. it will be a scorcher. heat index values over 100 for many areas. again with the moisture coming back, the rain chance is back to where they should be this time
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perhaps more by wednesday as we get more moisture in our area. fairly seasonable next week. afternoon thunderstorms is what you would expect for mid august. >> a high heat index for sure. >> absolutely. coming up next in sports game film reveals good things during the bucs first preseason games. he is loved and disliked by baseball fans. last night alex rodriquez bid farewell stripes.
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ba ba ? there he goes. alex rodriquez wishing yankee stadium had max defender 8. ironic twist to his tenure as a yankee's player. good morning. no matter which side of the fence you sit on when it comes to his leaving this wasn't what
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enjoy. timing of this, if you are a yankees fan is bizarre. even though a-rod is a liability we would all agree. rays witnessed a ceremony or two in the bronx. they witnessed bigging nights from evan longoria. who homers in the first inning. 26th of the year. yankees first half boy, you knew it would happen. arod drew that up. rbi double. good for him and all the yankees fans in attendance. one for four in his as a yankee. hicks gives the insurance run. arod comes out to play 3rd base. joe puts him out there to get the applause from the crowd. cheers kick in. he leaves with hugs from team nates. a good finish for alex rodriquez. rays lose the game 6-3. they'll play the yankees again today. had to be a blast friday
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came time to review the game film from thursday's 17-9 preseason loss to the eagles. believe it or not cutter, the coach, found good stuff to talking about. it was easy to discuss his defense that played well against the eagles. four quarterback sacks. but stuck defending the red zone twice to start the game. that's an area it will want to work on this week. >> you guys consider put in -- were put in >> we don't care about that. that's our jobs to keep them out and keep them from scoring. in that type of position we have to hold them to three or get special teams out there to block a kick. we have to tighten up in some areas. >> next saturday the bucs line up again. this time against the jaguars. news channel 8 will broadcast the game on great 38. pick out your provider for the
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rise and shine tampa bay. you are looking at downtown tampa this morning before the sun comes up. good saturday morning. thank you for joining us. in our top stories break nothings. a deadly pedestrian crash in tampa. east 50th street is shutdown. ahead we are live on the scene with what you need to know. > mandela is shot and killed -- new mexico is shot and killed. a group of bay area parents fighting the system. they want their kids to have the right to opt out of standardized tests. the reason why is just ahead. before we get to our other stories we are here with ed with a look at our weather. >> good morning. a quiet start where ever you are going. i guarantee you'll break quite a sweat later today with big time heat and fewer showers and
6:31 am
90s later today. 75 in plant city. 77 for clearwater and tampa. nice in zephyrhills and bartow. you are starting at 72 this morning. weather watcher in brooksville good morning to you. 74 this morning. i want to get to the forecast model. watch what happens through the day. not much for the first half of the day. by noon still dry. as we go into the afternoon we are expecting showers and thunderstorms. i think the overall coverage of thunderstorms will be a we had yesterday. with few our storms our temperatures climb quickly. 93 today. above average temperatures continue tonight. normally 76. we'll bottom out at 78. coming up we'll look at beautiful weather photos taken around tampa bay and a a detailed check of the weekend. breaking news. tampa police are on the scene of a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. this happened at east 50th
6:32 am
that's where we find mary mcguire who is there live. >> reporter: i can say there are still police and fire crews here on scene. we expect this investigation to get wrapped up quickly. the medical examiner's office was on scene here and took away the body of the pedestrian. tampa police say the driver in this case was headed to work. when this crash happened. just before 3:00 a.m. was headed northbound on 50th street at the railroad tracks south of broadway when a pedestrian came out of the darkness. tampa police tells us this is a dark area and the driver didn't have a chance to stop or see the pedestrian. the driver was cooperative and stayed on scene. but is very shaken up. >> the driver is shook up naturally. she was on her way to work. she could have never saw the individual coming across the street in this dark area.
6:33 am
no charges pending. tampa police believes this is just a terrible accident. the investigation is on going. initially tampa police said they thought this area would be shutdown until 7:30 this morn you -- this morning. crews are starting to clean things up. fire crews were here with a hazmat situation. i don't think it will be shutdown too much longer. we'll stay on scene and let you know when this area fully reopens. tampa police are expected to of the pedestrian killed once next of kin is notified. >> thank you very much. new information this morning in a deadly police officer shooting in new mexico. police have three suspects in custody after officer chavez died at a hospital. he pilled over a vehicle -- pulled over a vehicle in a traffic stop. the passenger got out. out and fired shots in the vehicle.
6:34 am
car crashed and surrenders. officials are still investigating. there is new video of the police officer who shot and killed a woman during a citizen's academy earlier this week. surveillance video shows officer lee cole dragging a man by his knees. attorneys say this isn't the first incident reported involving excessive force. saying cole let his k-9 shoe k- 9 chew -- chew on a man two minutes after >> after he allowed his dog to chew on my client he should have been fired immediately. he should have never been a police officer. >> cole was identified as the one who pulled the trigger the that mary noton was killed. a judge overturned the conviction of the man featured
6:35 am
making a murderers. he confessed to helping his uncle rape and kill a woman. he was 16 at the time. avery was tried and convicted. popularity of the show brought the 2005 case in the public dry. a 7-month-old boy died after being left in a car in texas more than eight hours. it happened in the parking lot at walmart outside of san antonio. the dad, an employee of the store arrived at work 6:00 a.m. he discovered he forgot to the baby to day care when he went back to his car at 3:00. temperature outside was over 100 degrees. inside the car well over 140 degrees. a south florida woman is in the hospital after being bitten by an alligator. firefighters in coral springs say they received a 9-1-1 call of a woman who had her hand bitten off by a gator. the woman was air lifted to the hospital.
6:36 am
this morning. some tampa bay parents are suing the state board of education. they feel it is unfair some students are retained in the third grade because they won't take a standardized test. an emergency hearing was held on friday. john rogers has the story from sarasota. >> reporter: a few years ago amy's sons were making good grades in school. because they did not two well on sandized tests they were held >> after 180 days in the class room and instruction from a teacher promotion of these students should not be decided on one tests from one day. >> reporter: some school districts report lid allowed students to opt out while other districts have not. parents are angry the florida department of education has not provided guidelines on the matter. a group of parents are suing the doe. >> there is not uniformity from
6:37 am
left into the interpretation of local school districts. in a statement manatee county superintendant green expressed frustration saying; . some parents feel the body of the child's work over the year is what should matter most. >> 180 days of learning based on one tests we are devaluing the professionalism in the classrooms. that's' not what education is about. >> a judge will not reach a ruling until later in the week. we'll keep you updated as the story develops. we want to know what you think. should student business required to take standardized tests. log on to to vote in
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151 people on board a cross country jet blue flight. two dozen people were hurt when the plane hit turbulence. it ripped the toilet off the bathroom floor. the mean was on -- plane was on its way from boston to south dakota. one person said experience was a terrifying ride. >> i went flying way up in the air. my laptop flew way up in the air. there was stuff flying. the storage thing up on top op u second and flew out and a bunch of people got hurt. >> when the passenger said it was like riding disney's tower of terror. 24 passengers were treated at the hospital. other travelers made the rest of the flight to california. here's a yummy event you'll want to check out with the kids today. tampa grilled cheese festival is turning at the harley davidson
6:39 am
as you can see people lined up to sample grilled cheese sandwiches and items served by a variety of food trucks. if you want to head out today it is 12:00 to 6:00. i went to the one in april. they had lobster grilled cheese, taco grilled cheese. anything you can think of. >> lobster grilled cheese. that's fancy stuff. >> it is fancy. back in april it was very hot outside. i can only imagine what it is going to be like today. >> it is a great comfort fo ever you are going. i want to show you beautiful photos sent in yesterday. look at this shelf cloud from winterhaven yesterday from a passing thunderstorm. a beautiful end to the day from danny in mango lake sending in that beautiful sunset picture. send us your photos to facebook and twitter.
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are helping kids study as they get back to school. get schooled starting monday morning on news channel 8
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america swimmer katie ledecky has a gold medal after she crushed the swimmers in the 800 meter freestyle.
6:43 am
place by a whopping 11 seconds. she beat her own world record by two seconds. this is her fourth gold medal in the rio olympics. per happen's micheal phelps final individual olympics event. he came up a little short. he placed second to win silver in the 100-meter butterfly final. joseph schooling won gold. huge upset in woman's soccer as u.s.a. women and defending world cup champions are heading home finals. u.s. lost in a shootout 4-3. there is a lot on tap from rio as track and field is now underway. news channel 8 has a look ahead at today's action. >> reporter: we are officially half way done with the 2016 rio olympic games on day eight. track and field is taking over today with morning and evening sessions. the dual between jamaica and team u.s.a. begins tonight to determine who will leave rio
6:44 am
arrive. st. pete's trayvon is running in the men's 100-meter race. catch the action at 10:00 a.m. and 7:30 tonight. u.s. women's tennis match is today. it is anyone's match to win. i'm hoping madison keys pulled through for team u.s.a. tune in because anything can happen. last but definitely not least we have a lot happening in the world of swimming. micheal phelps hopes one last 100-meter butterfly race in the olympic games bringing his career to a close in rio. i'm going to miss his spirit and outrageous faces. stick around because tomorrow gymnastics is back. let's look at the latest
6:45 am
a big weekend there in rio. back at home beautiful start to the day. if you are taking the boat out today don't forget the sunscreen. new port richey 75 degrees to get us started. nearly calm winds. tampa is quiet as well. a nice start down the hillsborough river. temperature of 77 degrees. a slight breeze to get started. temperatures rise quickly. we'll see numbers get back in the low 90s. there will be occasional pockets of heavy rain this afternoon. not as many thunderstorms as what we have been seeing over the last week here as slightly drier air starts to settle in for today. looking over the southeast we have high pressure over the atlantic keeping us in a typical pattern. back towards louisiana, this is
6:46 am
rainfall across louisiana. measuring it in feet. it is still falling today. life-threatening flooding underway for them. by the way, that's the same system that brought us our rain earlier this week. now starting off very quiet where ever you are headed across west central florida this morning. here's our forecast model. through the day you'll notice around noon fairly quiet. we'll get building clouds. as we go into the afternoon we'll get that east coast sea br state. i'm thinking isolated thunderstorms. not as many showers and storms as what we saw yesterday. good news heading to the beaches, i'm going to give it nine out of ten today. with the slightly lower rain chance. i think along our coastline we'll see the better rain chance during the late afternoon and into the evening hours as everything drives towards the coast. temperatures will warm up quickly. low to mid 90s on tap later today with a moderate chop on
6:47 am
93 with fewer storms expected. we are thinking we'll have the heat index value well over 100 today. slight southwest breeze. overnight low tonight 7 8 degrees. we'll call it a warmer night. rain chances come back to seasonal norms starting tomorrow up to 40%. even as we go into next tweak, it is your typical pattern with a prevailing easterly wind. afternoon sea breezes collide giving us a 50% chance you'll have to keep an eye do the sky every afternoon. perhaps slightly drier air by next weekend. today we mentioned the heat here. a lot of events happening outside this weekend. it is easy to forget to stay hydrated. >> hope for rain to help cool you off. >> wishing for a cooling storm. >> thank you very much. a boy abducted turns to his smart watch to save his life. we'll she you how. actor seth rogan created the
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facebook gets a facelift, nbc programming comes to snapchat. that smart watch saves a little boy after he is kidnapped. there is a lot going on in the world in tech of social media. lindsey shows us what we need to know. >> i time sure you noticed a change to facebook this week. i want you to look at this facebook post from facebook, for those of you that use ad blockers it will not work on facebook. facebook is cutting down on click bait and designing ads to look like any other facebook post. this is an incredible story from one of our sister stations in utah. it is about a smart watch. a 10-year-old boy was abducted. as soon as he found a chance he
6:52 am
and hid. he used this smartphone watch to call his stepfather who raced to his rescue. it cost $150 and a $5 a month charge with gps. take a look at this facebook post from the white house. you can now use facebook messenger to get in touch with the president. it does require you to reveal your contact information. that's to cut down on spam. the white house revealed president obama reads ten letters a day from now messenger messages will be in the mix. nbc universal is coming to snapchat. it will post original content from the voice, saturday night live and "the tonight show." right now they have a real olympic channel. check it out. actor seth rogan has been trying to make sausage eight years. his new film sausage party is
6:53 am
animation. >> reporter: it is a food fight for survival in sausage party. this seth rogan animation is not for kids. chronicles the farm to carnage journey of a bag of groceries. they witness the buffet of terror that awaits edibles will do what it takes to escape the big shoe. it is rated r. best friends don't have to come from the same species in pete's ranger and wondered how the forest orphan survived all these years until she meets his fire-breathing pet. pete's dragon is rated pg. there is a license to kilobased on a real life plot to assassinate a high ranking nazi officer. they return to the occupied homeland to find bullets are scarce on lock down. it is rated r.
6:54 am
american idol in florence foster jenkins. true story features her as a new york person with a passion for singing. problem is she can't carry a tune. that doesn't stop her from playing carnegie hall. it is rated pg-13. that's the box office preview. next news. coming up next, newest addition to graceland attracting elvis fans from all over the
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this saturday. time is 7:00 a.m. ed bloodsworth is here to expect on this saturday. >> our saturday officially underway. we are starting off picture perfect. clear skies overhead. comfortable temperatures. a beautiful shot over downtown tampa and the hillsborough river. a lot of folks have been getting in their this morning jogs this morning. 77 in tampa. same for clearwater. 71 zephyrhills this morning. 73 for lakeland and auburn dale. not a bad start.


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